Installation cloning


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Jun 26, 2005
Bloomington, IL
I recently purchased Logbook Pro (Pro) and was able to import the majority of data from the previous software I was using. Some of the data (such as Approaches and Landings didn't import directly, so I'm going back and editing 2400 lines or so bit by bit. Overall though, I was happy with the import, and it worked the first time around, thanks to the complete instructions provided here.

Ihave been doing most of the work on my desktop computer, but have recently done a second install on my laptop for backup purposes and to try the synchronization feature.

I copied the .lbk data file from my desktop installation to the laptopand the entries all appear, but the column names, etc are all set the to defaults. What file or files are needed so that I can make the installations identical as far as colums, ratings, certs, currency, etc?


Column customization are based on 'per computer.' If you have columns that are hidden that should appear, go to Options...Flight Log and go to the Display Config area and check the settings. Sometimes making a small change, such as adding a space, close the dialog, come back and remove the space will trigger a refresh of the settings. The same applies to Options...Custom. Add a space to the end of a custom name, close the dialog, come back and remove the space. The problem is that a lot of settings are saved to the computer registry therefore is computer specific with some settings. The next version of Logbook Pro will be 'registry free' such that settings will actually follow the data file in the future.