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Jul 18, 2002
I just installed the new udate I am using the 1.9.8 version on windows xp. after I intalled it, I restarted my computer. When I tried to open LBP it says it running, but I can't see it on the screen. Did I do something wrong? Any suggestions?
Check your windows task bar, do you see a Logbook Pro icon listed? If so right-click on the icon and choose Maximize. If that doesn't work, try uninstall, reboot, reinstall


There was no icon in the task bar, so I did uninstall and restart then re installed and it works fine. I thought that would work but wanted to waitfor a response from you before I did the uninstall!


It seems like everyone is having the same problems....
we should not be having this problem.. to install updates that do not work....

Add me to the list of problem update installations..

Following this posts advise... I selected "Control Panel", "Add/Remove Programs", LogBook Pro". This brought up the LogBookPro installation screen which gave me an option to "remove components" "reinstall" or "totally remove"...

The "reinstall" option seems to have repaired what was wrong, without having to do a complete "remove, download and install" routine.

I had a similar problem as those above after downloading the update. When I try to open LP a gray box displays 'Loading Data, Please Wait...' and it never progresses from there. I'll try to reinstall.
I had the same issue with</o:p>
I selected "check online for update" with LP running and followed the prompts. After computer rebooted the first click on LP iconappeared to be opening LP. But nothing opened and no program was running at the bottom in the task bar. The task manager had LP running with no warnings (e.g. program not responding). Subsequent clicks on LP icon only showed "LP running, only one copy could be open etc."</o:p>
I went to uninstall via control panel and two files with LP were shown. One was last used today, the other 02/24/2005. I selected reinstall/repair option and all is well and running now.</o:p>
Could the problem be installing the update from LP and having it running during the installation?</o:p>
Hope this helps.</o:p>

Logbook Pro is supposed to shut down completely prior to the install. If it did not shutdown, it would still update and require a reboot. I am trying to track down this issue and have yet been able to reproduce it. For anyone posting an issue related to this, please provide the following information:

Old Version prior to Update:
Update Method: Patch Update (automated system) or Full Install over top old version
Operating System: (although this only appears to be happening on Windows XP SP2 thus far)

Feel free to follow up your posts above with the answers to the above questions for collection/tracking purposes.

Mine was to, Patch update via LP 'check for updates' link in the program, Windows XP SP2
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After uninstall and reinstall/repair all is running fine.
Same problem also doing the auto update to . Fixed the problem by reinstalling and choosing the repair option. Love the new start up sound!

Old Version prior to Update:
Update Method: Patch Update (automated system)
Operating System:
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
It appears Microsoft has identified the problem with the Microsoft Windows Installer 3.x engine which this version of Logbook Pro's installation started using. It's not a critical issue, just a nuisance fortunately. A new version was published by Microsoft to correct this then appears to have been pulled due to more problems found. When the next update to Logbook Pro releases I will evaluate whether to regress to the version 2 engine or see where we are at that time. It will not impact Logbook Pro users but only prevent this issue from arising again.

As posted in this thread, the issue is not critical and resolved simply by forcing Logbook Pro to reinstall itself with a repair call. I appreciate the posts and e-mails for those reporting this, although I haven't heard anything recently so it seems everyone is up and running fine with

Thank you all for your patience and understanding that experienced this issue with the update. I haven't heard of any clean installs experiencing this, so it seems the issue will work itself out in time regardless.