Installing Both APDL and Palm Companion


Feb 16, 2005
Goldsboro, NC
It has been a while. Hope you had a great Christmas and safe New Year. I have been flying with FedEx now for almost a year. I was thankful to have my logbook professionally displayed through the magic of Logbook pro.
I recently purchased a Treo 650 and I downloaded the Logbook Pro Palm PDA Companion, then realized the APDL might be a better fit. I bought both and downloaded the APDL after downloading the Logbook Pro Companion. I got this message during the final sync after both were installed:

OK Outlook Notes
-- Backing up AirlineLogbook-pref to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Trapav\Backup\AirlineLogbook-pref.PDB
-- Backup
-- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database with Creator ID 0x4150444c to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\Trapav\Backup\AirlineLog-200601.PDB. The file contained database with Creator ID 0x53545254 data.
-- Backing up AirlineLog-200601 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Trapav\Backup\AirlineLog-200601.PDB
-- Backing up psysLaunchDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Trapav\Backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
-- Backing up Saved Preferences to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Trapav\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
OK Backup with 1 message(s)

I looked through the FAQ, but found nothing about the compatibility of the two software programs. Should I uninstall the Palm Companion software?

Hello Scott,

Thank you for the kind wishes and likewise. As for the two programs, there is no conflict between the two as they both have unique registered ID's with Palm. I don't believe the message you are seeing is anything related to the "Logbook Pro Palm Companion." I'll run this warning by Paul, but I don't believe a "warning" is anything to be worried about, we don't want to see "errors".

Logbook Pro Palm Companion and APDL can run on the same device, I have them both in use, many use both as they both offer a compliment of information and use. Be sure to register the AppForge CrossFire client which is required for Logbook Pro Palm Companion's use.