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Latest LBP Desktop update


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Feb 8, 2002
Kind of freaking out....

Just tried opening LBP to sync my latest trip.

Got a message about some latest update requiring a database change.

It performs a database backup.

It says "preparing update..please wait"

Then the settings window opens up totally blank... no user info, no aircraft, nothing.
The settings window will not close until i enter at least one aircraft. I enter a fake aircraft type. This allows me to close the settings window, and the database spreadsheet window opens with no entries.

In the LBP folder, there is a .OLD file that was created during the backup process.

I have stopped doing regular back ups because I was having issues with the back up file continually growing over 10mb after regularly scheduled backups.
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Sounds like something locked your file and then Logbook Pro tries to repair it. I got your support ticket and I'll work with you through that channel now. Yes, the .OLD is an internal backup Logbook Pro makes. Never stop backing up. If your backups are getting large this means your data file is getting bloated and needs maintenance, contact us for help at any time.