Installing new version of LBP & PPC

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
I have LBP v1.10.24 and PPC 1.10.15 installed. How do I update to the latest versions.

Do I just install the new version on top (PC AND PPC?)


Do I remove the old versions FIRST, and THEN install the latest versions?

Please address LBP for PC and PPC separately.

Yankee Clipper
For both applications you can simply uninstall from your **PC** Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs then download/install the newer versions. Make sure your PPC is cradled as it will get updated. Also, on the PPC, make sure Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion is not running which you can do by going into Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion and clicking File...Shut Down.