iPhone app won't open


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Jun 16, 2010
When I go to open the app, it will go to the LB Pro splash screen then exit to the iPhone menu. I've stopped the app in the quick switch menu as well as reset the iPhone a few times. Is there a work around other than reinstalling? There are some flights that I haven't synced yet. It would be a huge inconvenience to have to enter the data again due to how the app logs flights leg by leg instead of by the day. Thanks.
I'm sorry to hear of the issue, it sounds like something has gone corrupt on your device or computer. There's nothing you can do except uninstall/reinstall the app to resolve the issue which will clear the corruption. If you use Sync on Start/Exit then your data may be on the My Sync portal if you want to check.

We have new apps which we should be submitted to Apple tomorrow which should completely eliminate this issue now.

If you require any further assistance please let us know.
Thanks. I reinstalled it and added the flights back in manually and its been working fine since.

Is the new iphone app supposed to be out by the time the schedule importer is no longer free? I just got next month's schedule and I'd like to "try before I buy" with my iphone.