Is LogBook Pro the BEST logbook software out there?


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May 6, 2004
I know I am probably going to get biased answers on this one, but I would really like some honest compartive info on the different logbook software out there.

I know that Jeppesen makes their own called FlightLog.

then you have others like FlightLevel, SafeLog and SkyLog. And I am sure there are still many more out there made by much smaller companies or individuals.

I am looking to get a solution that I can keep using for years and years to come. This is one piece of software I don't want to get and then a year or two down the road say, "nah, I don't like it anymore, or updates don't come out anymroe" and then I am stuck having to retype ALL of my data into yet another program. What a drag that would be.

So I basically am comparing this program to SafeLog and FlightLevel since I have read those two are the other most feature packed and easiest to use logbook software out there.

so some good unbiased opinions would be very helpful in my decision making, thank you!
Naturally this probably isn't the best place to ask, you know that, but I'll add the NC Software take. I am not going to bash other products, I will maintain a professional opinion and limit my discussion to NC Software products only.

The first thing is obviously, try it yourself and see what appeals to you the most. YOU are the most important aspect of the software as you are the one that is going to be using it. Logbook Pro has been out since 1998. It's been continuously evolved, updated and to date, we have NEVER charged our customers for a single update. Our pride is more important then our wallet and if we know you are happy and have a great logbook product, then we know we have succeeded. We are getting ready to release yet another MAJOR update to Logbook Pro in about a month. It will be another free update but the enhancements, interface, have all be significantly 'updated.'

Logbook Pro has a huge pilot user base, we also have great 3rd party support. From leather binders custom made for Logbook Pro users to the FlightCentral Route Browser custom made for Logbook Pro, to the FAR 121 partnership with Auman Software and their Palm product, it goes on. 3rd party providers put their time and money into succeeding companies that are going to inturn yield success to them, and this has been the history thus far.

We offer Palm products, Pocket PC products, and the devices we support are far reaching beyond that of any of our competitors. If you have a PDA device, most likely it will work with Logbook Pro!

Again, take a test drive. In fact, our evaluation is the FULL product simply limited to 50 entries. Student pilots can take this all the way through their private pilot certificate so we are essentially providing all students a free logbook to help promote their success in the aviation community. See if you like it, get the feel for it, and when you're ready, if you choose Logbook Pro, just enter the license code and keep using the same software. No new installs, no new data to load, just keep on going.

Don't just look at the 'pretty' face of the software either, look at the core capabilites. Some areas to checkout: The Currency Editor/Engine, the over 60 included reports AND the ability to create your own from templates, the Analyzer and its advanced filtering capabilities, and every data generating area, i.e. reports, charts, analyzer, they all allow date filters up front. FAA 8710's at the click of a button, FAR 121 lookback data, an Explorer view of your entire logbook, ability to be notified of new updates from the software, and above all, timely support response, and it's free!

So that's all I'll say to give you a little feedback. Also take a look at the web sites, the resources, the testimonials (not hype). Look at the technology at hand, look at the dedication of the company. We are not part timers, we do this full time, not a garage based operation. We have great things to come in Logbook Pro's future. Version 2 targeting the end of the year and we are already drawing specs for version 3!

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions, but take your time, make your choice, and I look forward to seeing you in the Logbook Pro community.

Thank you Neal for your info, very much appreciated. I downloaded the evaluation and will test it out now. Unfortunatly, it's the price which is mainly driving my decision between either your Logbook Pro software or the SafeLog software. Both software seems to be very feature packed and has a lot to offer. At this time I do not use a PDA so that functionality really isn't concerning me. I am a student pilot and wanted to adopt a piece of software that will grow with me, etc.

Can I ask some questions..

1.) You say you can only have this installed on 1 pc, or 2 pcs with the pro version. Now I have a desktop, laptop and another computer at home.. totally 2 pcs. They are all my pcs and nobody else uses them. Why can't I just purchase the single license and use it on all of my pcs? Since it will only be me using it I don't see the difference.. also, how does your software know what pc's it is installed on? The reason I ask this is, as a computer programmer myself, I often am reformatting machines, or installing new hardware, or transitioning to different pc's, and I don't want to run into a problem where your software checks say the machines serial number of the processor or something thus only allowing it to be installed on a specific machine. I need to be able to take the software between my mulitple machines with me. And this leads to the next question of, how is your data saved? is all of your data saved to just one file that I can copy and put on a disk and take around with me? what if my friend had LogBook Pro software as well on his pc and I was over his place and wanted to access my logbook from his pc? could I just open up my file with all my data in it on his locally installed version of the software? this backup/restore stradegy concerns me.

If I did decide to go with Logbook Pro, would I be getting the newest version 2 ? or would I have to take the current version right now and then update again. I just don't want to learn one interface and then have to relearn a new and updated one again. Plus I don't want to have to pay an upgrade fee.. will there be an upgrade fee since it's a major upgrade?

Thanks again for all the info.

Glad to help out, and ask any questions you'd like.

The licensing is clearly outlined, and that's why can't just purchase and install on any and all PC's. The Standard Edition is one computer, one pilot. The Professional Edition is two computers, one pilot. The Enterprise Edition is one computer, unlimited pilots.

As for how we handle our licensing/key system, that is not public information. Version 2 is not due out any time soon, so the latest coming out is 1.9.6, a free update to all existing customers. The important consideration is where do you see yourself in five years as a pilot, 10, 15, etc. Will your software be capable of providing the insurance forms, airline applications, etc? Right now, Logbook Pro is the only software able to break down times in granular control for insurance forums and aviation applications with the powerful Analyzer and numerous advanced reports.

It's really your decision, as stated before. If you are looking for something simple, and you are computer savvy as you say you are, Microsoft Excel or Access may be all you need. If you are looking for advanced flight logging with powerful capabilities geared towards pilots/aviation, etc. Then that's where specialized software comes in.