Jep Split Report Basics


Mar 28, 2005

Well, I have watched the tutorials and also "experimented", but am still very confused about how to print my logbook out.

I am using a Wilson Post Binder based on someone's earlier suggestion.

I am using the Jep Split report, managed to insert a blank page as per the tutorial. When I print a few test pages off the LEFT tab, it prints a blank page in between each left page. What do I do with these blanks.

I am using a home HP Laser printer. I am desiring to print duplex. This will involve my at some point putting printed pages back in and printing on the back side.

If anyone can reduce this to some nice bullet directions that would be helpful. Since I cant be the first one to print Jep ( :)) layouts, there ought to be a really simplified set of directions.

Love Logbook Pro. I am a database nut and think it works great.. but output stuff always gets me!

If you are getting blank pages in the middle of the printout using the split-series report system most likely you changed the page setup (margins) which is causing a page overflow (outside the margins) triggering a blank page. The only other cause, if not a margin change issue, could be your printer pulling through blank pages (requiring cleaning/maintenance, or driver update to fix), but doubtful. I'm not familiar with the binder you mentioned, however, the split series reports are designed to work seamlessly with the MGOent. series. None of which, again, will be printing blank pages during the printing process unless something was changed causing a margin overflow.

To duplex print (with compatible printer) I do suggest the combined tab, swap page margins, insert leading blank page.

Thanks for the quick reply,

I am slowly figuring this out. The strategy I am using (hopefully I am on the right path) is the Split Report... Insert Blank Page.. and I am exporting it to PDF, where I can print odds or evens first, then re-inster the paper to print the backside. Would this be called MANUAL DUPLEX?? :)

My post binder idea is from a poster named KUnle A., posted 5/17/05
The Split Report Series provides the capability already to print just lefts or rights (odds/evens) or you can use the combined tab, or as you wish, export to PDF and have even more control over printing with Adobe PDF's advanced features.

Hello again,

I am having very pleasing results. I think the hardest part with all of this is the brain teaser of how to print, flip pages back into the printer and print on their backside the correct info. Good results due to the following:

In Logbook Pro:
Split Reports/ Jeppesen / Combined / With Blank / NO Swap of the margin

In Adobe Acrobat
1) Print out the ODD pages
2) Pull the last odd page from the stack (this is the right hand side of the most recent logbook page)
3) Replace pages back into the printer
4) Print EVEN pages in Reverse order
5) Combine the duplex printed pages with the single odd page

Thanks again