Jeppesen Reports

Jan 2, 2009
I used to be able to change the column titles in the Jepppesen reports, i.e., Remarks could be changed to First Officer, or in the columns Single Engine could be changed to B-737NG. Now it seems to be gone.
Using Vista 64 bit on a quad core HP. I was able to do it even last fall on the same computer. But since the latest update in the progams, nada.
This functionality hasn't changed. You can customize information in the Options..Flight Log..Config Display area OR create custom templates in the Reports system. Please refer to the documentation (Reports topic) for more information at Logbook Pro by NC Software, Inc. ( or by clicking Help...Contents within the software.
Take a look at the picture. I can go to reports:split reports:Jeppensen style: new template
but from there the right click data is gone and there is no way to change those fields.


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Make sure you're using the latest version which is 1.10.40. Left click in that column and then on the left side change the caption, group caption, etc. as desired. Then SAVE the custom report and re-run it.
I'm running the latest version. I'm not lying, nothing happens when I click on the column. It used to work, I could customize all the columns. But nothing is happening now. I can click all day.
Nope. Used to be that you could right click (I think) in the big column to the left and get options. Now nothing happens. I made several new reports and new templates but I can't change them from the basic Jep layout.
Thanks for the video. Something is really out of whack (technical term) in the layout of your report designer. You're not seeing the property grid on the left side like you should. Try clicking the toolbar button to the left of "New Report Template" which toggles the visibility of the report property grid. Also move your mouse cursor towards the bottom and see if you can find any place to drag a splitter that may have been arranged improperly by accident. If all else fails, please submit a support ticket and I'll send you a more aggressive reset procedure.