Jeppesen Style Custom Template


Jun 15, 2003
I am trying to set up a template to suit my personal requirements. Why is it not possible to select any custom 'Text Fields' when changing the source for the columns. All the other custom fields are available for selection except for 'text fields'.

I would like to enter the column of 'Captain' and 'Crew', however the custom template will not allow me to enter this custom text field.

Just wondering how long it takes to fix 'bugs' like this one? Is it likely I have to wait for version 2 before I can access this function, or is it a simple version 1 update?

Your thoughts on this process would be appreciated.


I certainly can't put out an update with every bug report, and honestly, there are no other bugs reported in v1.x right now. So it really depends on all factors involved, i.e. whether an update is warranted. Right now, one is not in the near term as of this writing. As for waiting for version 2, no, probably not that long as an update will probably surface between now and then, usually driven by the PDA line of fast paced growth that needs to be kept up with.

As for your requirement, there are other ways:

[[*]]Configure the Spreadsheet Style layout carefully the way you want it, formatting, columns hidden, arranged, etc. then print directly from the Spreadsheet Style layout
[[*]]The Standard and Grouped log printouts take their formatting from the Spreadsheet Style layout, so you still have output options, just not in the Jeppesen area.

The reason, most likely, now that I think about it and the rust is falling off the 'gears turning' is that custom text columns would cause a problem on the report as the totals at the bottom would be looking for numeric values to summarize. This may have caused a problem when this system was first developed, and the reason for the exclusion. I have noted it for review and it may be something that can be overcome with the maturity of the software.

Hope this sheds some light on the issue for you. It may be 'as designed' after reading the enclosed novel! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif[/list]

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.