Last page not printed when blank page inserted


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Jun 11, 2003
Longs, SC
Hi Neal,
I'm having a problem with printing the logbook. When I print the log using the split reports/jepp style combined format the last page doesn't print if I insert a blank page in the front. I've tried printing directly to the printer and to Fineprint with the same results. When I look in LBP the last page appears but it's missing in the output to the printer. In LBP the number of pages does not change in the controls at the top either. I've been able to get the logbook printed by using Fineprint to insert a blank page prior to the last pages of the log and printing only those sheets but I'd still like to fgure out what's going on.
Hello Rich,

The nav bar in the toolbar will not update which is a known issue, simply because we are sneaking in a blank page it's not aware of. As to the printing of the last page, are you manually using page ranges or printing ALL PAGES in the print dialog? Try adding one to the range of pages if you are manually specifying the page range, otherwise let me know and I'll research further. This issue has not been reported before nor have I seen it myself. Also, are you using the Split-Reports?
Hi Neal,
Thanks for the reply. Your answer pointed me in the right direction. As I indicated in my original post I am using the spilt report/jepp style. When I printed it was coming up in manual print mode and had the page range set to the number of pages without the bank page. By setting it to print all or adding one page to the end of range it printed correctly. Thanks for the help and Happy New Year!