LBPro not updated


Oct 11, 2003
Neal, a while back you switched me to 1.9.6 Beta to resolve some problems I was having with the current PC version. They solved that problem ok but since then I have not been able to use the PDA Companion. I've totally deleted the application off my PDA including manually deleting the database files, I then reinstalled following the instructions step by step. The database apears to becorrectly configured but LBPro doesn't import from it. It doesn't come up with any errors, the datajust doesn't appear in LBPro. I need some suggestions on how to troubleshoot/resolve this.


Confirm you entered your PDA license in both the PDA and under the PDA Companions\Your PDA Type menu area? The registration needs to be entered (for the PDA) on both the PC and PDA for entries to be sync'd.

Neal, just noticed something. I assumed the data was not being imported because when I start LBPro, it doesn't come up with the usual prompt indicating that there is PDA Data to be imported. However when I go to PDA Companion and tell it to Import, the data does get imported. It looks like the automatic import prompt is disabled. Not a big deal because I am now able to get the data into LBPro.