Legs Transfer in Wrong order to LBP


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Jun 12, 2008
I'm having problems with legs that end up going into the next UTC day on a single logpage in APDL importing incorrectly into logbook pro. It appears that logbook pro sees these earlier UTC time legs and puts them before what it thinks are later flights since they have a higher time.

Is there anyway to change this so that logbook pro just imports the legs in the order they appear on the logpage in APDL. Any help would be appreciated, it's annoying to see the last leg of the day show up as the first one when it's imported to logbook pro.


Logbook Pro sorts flight data by Flight Date and Entry Time and then Out and Takeoff times. When a sync from APDL occurs there is no "entry time" recorded so it has to fall back to the Out and Takeoff fields for a sort. We plan to improve this in future versions. For now, make sure your flight date, out, and takeoff dates and times are correct. As Logbook Pro is not time zone aware, this can occur depending on various APDL settings with time zones. The next version of Logbook Pro will be time zone aware to better handle this problem as well. You can find other posts in this forum by using the Search feature on the toolbar to help you with handling this issue, if needed.
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try some of the workarounds others have mentioned. Looks like i didn't search too well for the correct threads. I'll look forward to updates in future versions.