Lessons Learned


May 21, 2002
Did anyone read the article in Flying Magazine about adding a lessons learned section to the log book. The author wrote about the time entry part of it, but does anyone think it would be useful for specific area to type in significant events.

I use the remarks section of every entry fora generalization of the flight, but a separate field for those other times may be of some use.

Just a thought.

Which month are you referring to so people can find the article you mention?


It's the September 2003 issue on page 98 and it entitled 'Flying Lessons, The Hous That Count'. Again, the author talks about adding the hours, but I'm suggesting an additional text field for such 'lessons learned'.

The lawyer in me suggests that my log book, which the FAA may require me to produce for inspection, might not be the best place to disclose the facts, events, decisions or lack thereof which lead to each and every one of mylearning experiences.
This brings up one of what I think is the many great things about an electronic logbook. If you are requested to produce your logbook then you can print only those items pertaining to the event in question. I fly part 121 and keep a detailed narrative for all my flights. Am I required to present these narratives to the FAA? Whether they are in a separate text document or attached to a logbook, I wouldn't presume that you are not required to turn them over since you are not required to keep narratives/comments.

Consequently, the comments could be very useful in documenting all that was accomplished and required to be documented during lessons, flight reviews, IPC's....etc. This is why I, in the wish list section, requested to have the ability to write an unlimited amount of text in the narrative section. I just want the option. I feel as though voicing our opinion is one of the great things about NC Software and the wish list section. We are able to let the folks writing the program know what we want as an option in the program. How you use it is up to you.