Switching between apps


Oct 31, 2002
Gallatin, TN
I would like the Palm companion to not drop a new or amending flight if I want to suddenly switch to another program on my Handspring. Currently, when you have started a new record or are in the process of amending one and want to switch to another program, you must first save the entry or all work will be lost.

I have two problems with this. First, I have no other program on my PDA that I must first save the work before switching to another program, and as a result will sometimes tap to a different program than the Companion and all work is lost on that flight, which can be a bummer if I was in the process of putting information into the Remarks section (this is where I put the maneuvers I have taught my students). Second, if I am trying to use the Block In and Out to autocalc my flight time I'm screwed if I want to switch programs during that flight (which I do often to access BigClock, DSSCalc, AOPA eDirectory, and the current eFARs).

Any thoughts?

Sorry to hear about the emergency. /forums/emoticons/bawling.gif I hope all goes well for you.

Chris Parks

I just got back, catching up, thanks for the kind words regarding the tragedy.

I will look into your reported issues and see what I can do to improve these items! Thank you for your time to point them out clearly.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

One other point.

I would like to use my scroll buttons to move up/down when the scroll bar is shown on the screen. Trying to nail the skinny scroll arrows in a bouncing airplane can be sporting. Examples include selecting an aircraft type, checking currency, reviewing log stats.



Chris Parks