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Apr 18, 2003
I recently ordered a 11 x 8 1/2 inch black leather logbook binder (custom order) from scottleather.com . It's a 7 ring (jepp style) with one inch rings. I used the jeppesen stlye template to generate a report, printed to distiller, removed the white border areas and then printed it on standard 11 x 8 1/2, 24lb paper.

I like the flexibility of this option, not to mention the fact that it uses cheap, easy to get paper. I did not find a 7 hole puch in my area so I just used a one hole at a time punch (kind of a pain). Scott Leather said they could also install a 3 ring binding as well.

I have about 150 pages in this binder and it fills it out nicely, with room to add more pages as time goes by. They even embossed my name on the front of the thing in the lower right hand corner. They charged me $70 plus $15 shipping (I live in Hawaii) and I received it in 5 days from the time I ordered it.

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What do you mean 'printed to distiller'?

I have spent many many hours attempting to print my log book. I ordered the MGOENT 3 ring binder and cannot find a way to size and print a report to fit this binder. Why would you guys sell a binder that will not fit any report from this software. So far it has been a total waste of money. /forums/emoticons/angryfire.gif
A lot of people use Adobe Acrobat (from www.adobe.com) to gain much more control over printing options. Distiller is a system of converting documents to Adobe PDF format.

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That is how I did it.....print your document to distiller, which will create a pdf file. You can then remove white areas, etc., format any other changes in acrobat and then send the pdf file to your printer.
I have had the same problems as everyone else printing the logbook. I got one of the MGO binders and found myself having to print on 8.5x11 paper and cut the pages down. I just upgraded to the new version of Fineprint and it gives a lot more controls. I was able to print the pages in duplex mode, three hole punch on the left hand side, and read the pages the way a normal Jepp logbook appears. All this with a minumum of fuss. Hopefully the need to use additional software to print the logbooks will go away in V2 but for now it was worth the extra $10 to upgrade Fineprint.