Logbook Binding


May 14, 2004
I was wondering if you can bind the Jeppesen stlyereport pages in the MGOent logbook binders. If you can, could you please give me a rough idea of how many pages I might be able to fit in one binder. I have around 5000 hours and would like to know how many binders I would need. (Iuse the double sided print feature in FinePrint)

If you can't use the MGOent binder, could you suggest where I might find a binder that would work. I have lookedat most office supply storesfor a binder that I can use and havent found one yet!



P.S. Logbook Pro is FANTASTIC!!
Hi Jason,

Thank you for the kind words about Logbook Pro. I asked MGOent this question a month or two ago, and if I recall correctly, for the mini binders it was 50 of their special paper pages. If anyone else that has the mini-binders cares to respond as to how many pages you are able to get into a binder, please respond.

The MGOent series have their own custom reports and replicate that of the Jeppesen paper logbook layouts. However, if you are inquiring about the full sized Jeppesen layout, then those won't work in the MGOent mini's but will in the Full Sized binder offered. We only have a few of the full-sized binders left then we will not be stocking them any more. In about a month we will be unveiling a new 'Landscape' layout leather binder that will handle the full sized Jeppesen style printout. Special paper products will come out with that binder release as well.

Let me know if this didn't answer your question completely. And if anyone else can help with how many of the MGOent perforated pages they are able to place in a Premier or Old World binder, please chime in.

I've seen a guy with his log pages printed landscape style (not sure what program he used) and placed in a real nice zippered leather three-ring binder from Wilson's Leather. I think they were at least 3/4' rings. Looked real nice, but all his data was on one page- not the wide layout that the Jepp style printing produces.
I purchased the premier leather logbook. It's now the same size as the Old World. I used 24lb 108+ bright white HP paper and found anything over 120sheets is a problem (22 entries per sheet per side for 260 log entries). I liked the OEM paper better but with its smaller sizewould only hold about 18 entries per page and the paper was thicker so the book would only hold 100 sheets for about 180 entries.

I used fine print to print out the pages and took the pages to Office Max where they razor trimmed the pages to size (9 x 6) and drilled the necessary holes for $6. This gives 1/4 inch barrier above and below each sheet inside of the binder and approximately 1/2 inch at the end.

If you don't have to record as many flights as I do or can afford more logbooks, I would recommend the OEM paper for a little more professional look.

I like the leather binder, wish only that the rings were larger so more sheets could be inserted (like 3/4 to 1 inch).
Great! I'm already at month 4 for a second logbook & was waiting to see what was around the corner :) Flying 85+ hours a month is a lot of log entries!
jettinjasand any one else out there that has been looking for a no fuss and inexpensive solution to your printing of you Logbook Pro, I think I've found an excellent solution. I have been using logbook pro awhile and tried the old world binder from Mgoent.It was nice, but printing it was a pain before Neal came up with all the custom paper options he now has. I have filled my old world binder up and had been delaying printing out about 700 hrs of flying until I had a better & easier solution. Plus I wanted the solution I found to easily hold the reports I would generate to take with me for the airline or corprate interviews I'm waiting on. So that meant that it would have to be 8 1/2" x 11" landscape without having to worry about tear offs of custom paper, to say nothing of the expense.

As you can see from the pictures, the post binder that I found fits the bill perfect. I use Neal's two page print option (THANK YOU NEAL) and adjust the margins 1 1/2" for the spine. In my custom Jeppesen report, I've changed the font, colum headings, and most importantly to maximize the space, I gaveeach row a spacing of 20 instead of the default 22. So if you look at my logbook, I have a whooping 28 entries per page!
Wow I love this program!! The font issmaller, but not so small as to be unreadable. I don't even need to do that because the thing that all the professionalswith gobs of time would like about the binder is it's expandable up to 2". So you can go from having a few pages to 400~500 pages in one binder. (I'd like to meet the pilot that has a 500 page logbook
I'm curious, are you able to print on both sides of the paper to save pages? If so, how? I'm still trying to figure that out. thanks
You have full control of the printing with the Split Series reports. If using Logbook Pro you can print just lefts, rights, or if using a duplex printer, click the 'Combined' tab on the bottom to print both left/right alternating for duplex output directly. Please see the documentation and the Reports topic for more information.