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Logbook Pro Freezes on Shutdown


Oct 31, 2003
I just installed the Pocket PC Companion version 1.10.16. When I try to run the program it works fine until I try to run any of the Reports or any of the Data Entry. When I do i get the following message: "Unable to locate Logbook Pro data from PC Start then close Logbook Pro on your PC to send data to the device automatically".

When I run the PC version of Logbook Pro it freezes when I exit the program. I see the message "refreshing Pocket PC" but the the program freezes. I am running version 1.10.26.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Pocket PC program but to no avail.

What should I do?
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I suggest removing Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion following the steps below and see if this resolves your issue:

Uninstall "Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion" from your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. This will also bring up the ActiveSync Add/Remove programs area, when you see that dialog, click "NC Software Logbook Pro" then click the Remove button.

On your Pocket PC, using File Explorer, delete these two folders:

/My Documents/Logbook Pro
/Program Files/Logbook Pro

(Of course, only delete the Logbook Pro sub-folder)

Download and install this file to your PC, make sure your Pocket PC is cradled and connected via ActiveSync:


After this is completed and you confirmed also that Logbook Pro for Windows 1.10.26 (or later) is on your PC and you also have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your PC, start then close Logbook Pro, then launch Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC.

See this link to verify you have, or download if needed, the .NET Framework 1.1 for your PC:


Note: There is also a version 2 of the .NET Framework, Logbook Pro specifically uses the .NET Framework 1.1 version, however, we suggest installing both v1.1 and v2.0 as our future products will use v2 on the PC side.
Microsoft .NET 1.1 and 2.0 is installed on my PC. I tried your instructions but Logbook Pro on my PC still froze on shutdown. The message refreshing Pocket PC came up bu that was it. Then it froze.
After I removed the Pocket PC Companion and removed the Pocket PC from the Cradle and Logbook Pro for the PC shuts down perfectly.

I am running Microsoft Windows XP, Tablet Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.
I also notice something else. When I installed the software from the link that you set me, it installed version 1.10.15 in the Program Files directory. When I downloaded version 1.10.16 from your website it installed the Pocket PC program in the root directory.

The PC program finally closed but when I went back in with the Pocket PC connected, it froze again. It finall closed after 5 minutes.

When I tried to run the Pocket PC program I received the following message when I tried to run any reports or view the history "An unexpected error has occurred in Logboog Pro.exe. Select Quit and then restart this program or selec Details for more information". Restarting did nothing.

Logbook Pro.exe

at c.c()
at c.d()
at j.n()
at k.an()
at j.h()
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Thanks for the info, it sounds like our .NET compact framework download is not the latest build, I'll get that updated ASAP.

As to the error, are you using ActiveSync 4.2? I'm not sure what the conflict is with your computer, nor have I tested against Tablet PC but I don't think that would be any cause for a problem. Which device are you using (make/model)?
The issue with the Logbook Pro PPC download with .NET CF2 has been resolved, it was an older file still on the server. My apologies. Everyone should be showing 1.10.16 which is the latest version of the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion software.