logbook pro VS APDAL for a cfi trying to get into the airlines


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Mar 26, 2007
I want to get logbook pro but i have a few question. Is the information stored on your hard drive and internet or just hard drive? Are they compatable to APPLE? Can the data for logbook pro or APDAL be used with PDA/phones? The most important is which version should I buy if I'm almost near the end of my CFI career and getting ready to go into the airlines. Is it user friendly in APDAL mode if i wanted to use it for the remaining of my CFI career.

The data is not stored on the Internet, it is stored on the computer/device used. We have customers that run the software on MAC using Virtual PC or Parallels, a Windows Emulator software. APDL is strictly for FAR 121 (airline) use and other flying activity should be logged using Logbook Pro's PDA Companions. Feel free to download risk free evaluations from our web site.