logbook set-up display


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Feb 8, 2006
most logbooks arent set up the way urs are, which makes it difficult to use. like there isnt a spot for ASEL AMEL Turbine High Perf. Complex flight times, if it had these it would be so much better in my opinion

Thank you for your feedback. However, the power in Logbook Pro is that you don't need these extraneous columns in a PC logbook. Configure your A/C Types in the Options...Aircraft area then there is no need to have an additional ASEL column in the logbook data entry area. When you make a flight log entry that is of a type C-172 and a duration value, that's all Logbook Pro needs. It will reference the C-172 in the Options...Aircraft area and apply the duration to automatically calculate the Category, Class, etc. information. This eliminates redundant data entry and minimizes the opportunity for error.
gotta point

i didnt even realize that for some reason, now that i have figured that out and did it the way you all designed. its actually lot easier than having to fill everything out. plus i'm finding mistakes left and right in my logbook as i add up the totals....i actually have more flight time than i dont :). thanx for the help. oh ya, are yall going to try to fix the windows mobile and acitve sync 4.1 issues when they come out for developers?