LogbookPro and Auman APDL


New member
Mar 28, 2005
Just purchased the combo Loogbook Pro and Auman's APDL. After the much publicized combo deal, lack of support between the two product is immediately apparent... After the first entries in APDL I decided to sync it with Logbook Pro to see the results...APDL does not transfer the different type of airplanes as entered on the Pocket PC, but rather only one type... What am I doing wrong? Or is it the way it is? (no support on APDL's site)...
Please help...

Please contact Auman Software as they provide support for sync'ing APDL to Logbook Pro. Visit their web site for support options. I'm sure Paul or Rick will assist you promptly.

Already did... There is no support between you and Auman's product... I already contacted them on this issue, but maybe I was hoping that you guys had at least some explanation on what's going on, since all the people I know purchased the APDL not as a stand alone, but rather as a companion to your product... Very frustrating feeling...
Thanks anyway...