sync APDL to LogbookPro


New member
Nov 20, 2009
I've got the APDL pretty much figured out; still working on the Logbook Pro software though. My question is this: Is it possible to somehow have the names of your crewmembers go directly into logbook pro from the APDL, without having to go into logbook pro afterwards and typing in the names?

Also, lets say you fly the same type of aircraft, but different series. (Embraer 170, 175, 190, ect.) Can you have logbook pro automatically recognize this after syncing up? Or do you have to go into logbook pro after syncing and specify?

Hello Dan,

APDL only tracks tail numbers, not the type. When Logbook Pro imports data it tries to find any prior flights with the incoming tail number, if found, it uses that type, if not found, it uses the default a/c type.

For the crew names, review the PDA Wizard options based on by leg vs. by log page and the options on the right side of the screen for additional sync mappings.