Logging Simulator Time


New member
May 17, 2007
In Logbook Pro I have created a separate aircraft for the simulator that I have used. I did not give it an aircraft category or class, but just the fact that its a simulator. In spreadsheet mode I was wondering if I should log the time in the simulator under the duration column or leave it empty. Would it be better to not log anytime under the "Duration" column and just log time under the "Simulator" and "Dual Received" columns or should I log the time under the "Duration" column and not log time under the "Simulator" column? I am confused how this might affect reports on my times. THank you.


We cannot advise you on how to log your times. I however fly for a 121 carrier and log all my sim under the sim column only and leave the duration blank. This keeps any of your sim times from being counted in your total time. In my experience most employment apps do not want your sim time counted in your total time.