Logging times to the .00 as opposed to .0


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Feb 13, 2005
Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Logbook Pro. I have been using it as a student and flight instructor for a few years now. I have always logged everything with one digit behind the decimal point which worked out great. I am now flying for a regional airline that logs with two digits behind the decimal point. (1min=.02 5min=.08 10min=.17) I record in this format in my pocket flight log after each leg. I always enter times into LBP first then back them up in my 'official Logbook'. When I put 2.58 in LBP it automatically rounds up to 3.0. Over the coarse of my however many years here this will not be correct and give me more time than I actually have. Is there any way to have LBP display/calculate in in this format and not round up or down? I have read previous posts and cannot seem to figure it out. I am running the newest version of logbook pro. Thanks

Logbook Pro does format the raw data to use tenths, not hundredths. We are planning on supporting multiple time formats in version 2, when that time comes (no date to announce). The good news is Logbook Pro is storing the raw data as you enter it and simply formatting it as you see, rounding to achieve the tenths.

By the way, there is no value in a poll such as you had so it was deleted. Polls are not for asking questions such as the same one you already asked in text.

Hope this helps.

So it is safe to say that if I continue to log to the hundreths, even though it only displays and rounds to the tenths that the next version will correct for all of that. The next version will readjust past totals. I don't want to fall behind in LBP, but I also don't want to waste time entering figures that will not be correct and match my paper logbook. Thanks