lookback on PDA not updated


Jun 12, 2003
Since version 1.9.6 the number of flights and hours flown which are displayed in the lookback screen are not updated anymore.
Any solutions? I installed the new version over the old one, or should I have uninstalled the old one first. I'm using an ipaq 2210

I have been unable to reproduce this, in fact in testing I proved the functionality is working. Here is what I did. I have my PPC cradled and on, therefore it is connected via ActiveSync. I opened Logbook Pro, verified the hours matched between the PPC and PC looking at the Summary Bar at the bottom of the Spreadsheet Style log. I then added a flight entry, adding one hour for the duration. I then had ActiveSync synchronize and viewed the lookback on the PPC and it did in fact reflect the additional hour.

Thanks for the reply, I tried as well and got 2 lookbacks underneath each other. The first one not updated and the second one did update. Then I just removed everything from the pda and did a reinstall, now it works fine.