mac and lbp


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Feb 4, 2007
Is there anyway to run lbp on a mac without partitioning your hard drive to boot windows? I see that there are several emulators out there like boot camp, parallels, and VMware fusion. Do they all require a partition? I really don't want to partition my drive.
+1 for a Mac version. I have to say, if there isn't a Mac version in the future I will be switching logbook solutions.
Depending on your MAC, Parallels is perfect. I run all my XP programs on my macbook pro using parallels along with the MAC and both are up and running at all times. The installation is basically to put the Windows CD in and let it install and in a few minutes you have a XP window running on your mac. It runs faster than my old dedicated XP laptop and it runs LB perfectly. Any questions just ask.
That's great except fot the $59 dollars for VMFusion, plus the $100-150+ for a copy of Windows. A Mac version of LBP would be fantastic.
But the original question from Pcohen was asking about using the MAC and LBP and Windows. You don't need VMFusion and you do not need to partition with Parallels. If you have a copy of Windows and a Macbook Pro with decent memory you can run full Windows on your Mac simultaneously with MacOS with better results (my experience) than any PC running Windows. Best of both worlds. Paul.