Major file help!!


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Jun 24, 2005
I am doing some major spring cleaning on my hard drive and I am having some file problems.

1. I have noticed that my PPC has 4 folders that basically contain the same thing in C:\Documents and Settings\Richard\My Documents. I think I have figured out that the only one I need is the one that Microsoft Active Sync displays when it is open. Is that correct???? Can the others be deleted?

2. The APDL SingleSYnc Wizard refers to an 8 digit Pocket PC Id in C:\Program Files\\<8 Digit Pocket PC Id>\APDL. I have three files. 225757744, C182386, FFFFFFFF. As you can see one of the series of numbers is only 7 digits. How do I find out which one is the proper <8 Digit PC Id>.

Thanks, Richard :)
Hi Richard,

I'm sorry but this inquiry is really not technical support we provide, this is more related to MS Windows and their products. I can tell you the files created by our PDA programs are minimal and the risk far outweighs the gains in deleting any of the folder areas you mention.

APDL creates the C:\Program Files\ folder for APDL-PPC (and this will soon change in the next release as with SingleSync going away, we no longer need a hard coded installation path)

ActiveSync creates the 8-digit ID's based on partnerships created. The only way I know to figure out how they correlate is searching your registry.