max FDP INCORRECTLY calculated


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Feb 4, 2007
I had a return to gate today. APDL counted it as an additional segment, thus reducing my max Fdp and telling me I was over the limit. RTGs and diversions do not count as extra segments!
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I had this issue too. I have the payroll category set to return to gate and the legality calculator says I flew 3 legs in the FDP. In my case it didn't go over Max FDP so it didn't flag as illegal.
Did you change the payroll category to "return to gate"?

Yes. It does show Return to Gate. This is wrong, RTG does not count as a segment, and should not affect table B max FDP, but it is doing exactly that!

BTW, I have spent several hours trying to build this return to gate and there seem to be all kinds of bugs. First it adds a new leg, which is cool, but it puts it in the wrong place, which in turn messes up the FDP end time. So the problem seems to be that there are 2 Flight TCF5948's. They both had the same scheduled time. So I changed the scheduled time to actual for the RTG so I would not be credited for the entire flight for a 22 minute RTG. Then I still had a problem because the RTG started AFTER the originally scheduled flight was supposed to depart, so I made up fake times with the same credit value that were chronologically before the completed TCF5948. Now it was in the right place, but the auto-fill times feature kept putting in OFF and ON times for the RTG, which obviously has no OFF and ON. I kept x'ing them out, and saving, and they kept getting replaced with ACARS OO times. (Is there a way to disable this?) So then I made up a fake Flight#, "5948R" to prevent this. So far I had to fake the flight #, and then fake the times to get it to work. Then it was good for a while, and then about an hour later I launched the app, it synced, and the entire RTG leg disappeared right in front of my eyes, without even touching the screen! I also swear I've seen tail numbers disappear and even get changed to other tail numbers after saving. This data seems unstable.

I have already replied to your support ticket on this topic, but for the benefit of the others viewing the forum I will post it here as well.

I looked into this issue with a Return to Gate leg being counted as an additional segment and it has already been resolved. The update for this (among other things) is currently awaiting approval from Apple and should be in the app store soon.

We apologize for the hiccup.