MGOent Duplex Printing Guide


Nov 19, 2001
I would like to make a suggestion that would help us MGOent'ers who are trying to duplex print. Rather than printing by trial and error, can NC or someone in the forum post detailed, step-by-step duplex printing instructions for typical printer set-ups? I am experiencing the same frustrations others here have had when printing from LBP1.6b214 through Fineprint2000 to the MGOent Premier binder. I have not seen start to finish instructions posted or in Help. It would be very helpful to the community to have such detailed instructions available.

Since Neal has done such a wonderful job with the software, including the Help files, this info should be available under LBP/Help/MGOent printing/duplex, IMOHO.

I am looking forward to these changes being incorporated into LBPv2.x, as mentioned elsewhere in this forum.

Any thoughts?

Ed, The Business Aviation Virtual Community!