MGOent Duplex Printing Instructions...


Nov 19, 2001
I would like to make a suggestion that would help us MGOent'ers who are trying to duplex print. Rather than printing by trial and error, can NC or someone in the forum post detailed, step-by-step duplex printing instructions for typical printer set-ups? I am experiencing the same frustrations others here have had when printing from LBP1.6b214 through Fineprint2000 to the MGOent Premier binder. I have not seen start to finish instructions posted or in Help. It would be very helpful to the community to have such detailed instructions available.

Since Neal has done such a wonderful job with the software, including the Help files, this info should be available under LBP/Help/MGOent printing/duplex, IMOHO.

I am looking forward to these changes being incorporated into LBPv2.x, as mentioned elsewhere in this forum.

Any thoughts?

Ed, The Business Aviation Virtual Community!

I am going to leave this open for the other Logbook Pro community to answer as we'll see if we can get the tips from those using FinePrint.

As mentioned previously, I'm hoping to put the kaybash on this issue by redesigning the reports to fit the perforated paper that MGOent sent me some samples of. I gave it the thumbs up and am awaiting details from MGOent to proceed. This would be available in the next minor update.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks for the reply, Neal.

I look forward to any input by community members on the printing issues, and I welcome NC's participation in helping the community achieve the incredible potential that LBP has. This is truly a great product! In my view, if we can work out the printing and the PDA issues there is no other product that offers the comprehensive features and ease-of-use that LBPv1.6b214 offers.

Keep us up-to-date on printing solutions. You are the best, Neal!

Ed, The Business Aviation Virtual Community!