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MGOent printing question


Active member
May 31, 2005
couldnt find this answered anywhere so here goes.

i'm getting ready to print out my logbook for my MGOent book. after the odd pages are printed, does logbook pro reverse the printing order of the even pages? once you've printed your stack of odd pages, the 1st page is now at the bottom of the stack and the last odd page will be the first to be drawn for printing by the printer.

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

Logbook Pro renders the output in order to your printer driver. Your printer driver then dictates the output of your printer. I cannot stress enough, experiment experiment expirement. You do not have to print ALL when printing from Logbook Pro, you can print page ranges, i.e. 1-3 so you can do small sample print jobs. If you need further printing power, export your report to PDF, then use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 which offers some unique and powerful printing capabilities as well.