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minual recommendation for PDA units


New member
Jun 12, 2002
I am very new to the Palm Pilot area and would like to move into that area with the newest versoin of LogBook Pro 1.7

Do you have a list on the minimal requirments or even recommendation on what units would be capable of the required support needed for LoBook Pro 1.7 Palm companion.


Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

You can read the Logbook Pro documentation online at www.logbookpro.com/webhelp and review the PDA Companion topic.

In summary, what's recommended is a Palm device with OS 4.x if you are purchasing a new device. Most new ones have this OS and you should also look for a device with at least 8 megs for expandability. I personally like my Palm m515, but you don't need anything that expensive. The m505 is good, but the display isn't as bright, and I'm not familiar with the HandSpring Visors or the Black and White Palm devices. Anyone else that can shed some light, please help out here. I also suggest visiting the Palm Web Site at www.palm.com and take a look around. You can search for prices at www.pricescan.com and other such web sites. Best Buy is usually a good bet if you want to buy locally.


Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.