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Minutes and tenth


Feb 13, 2006
I am now flying gliders and would like to log in tenths for my powered time and minutes for the glider time. How can I do this? I don't care how it is presented, the program can round it and display tenths at the summary level if it wishes.
If I can not enter in minutes, can I enter in hundredths, so that 8 minutes would be logged as 0.13 and 10 minutes as 0.17?

We currently only support hours.tenths. You can enter time in a higher precision, i.e. hundredths, but Logbook Pro will round it off when viewing the data, but take into account the precision (raw numbers) when accumulating your totals.

I don't anticipate in our next version being able to mix formats either. You will be able to choose one method, i.e. display in HH:MM or H.Tenths. You can always log your takeoff/landing times.