Missing data from apdl when syncing to LBP


Dec 30, 2005
I am missing a bunch of my flying from the month of april, all previous time was imported fine. I have gone through and used the (s) on each day and then sync with the dates that i was missing, still didn't produce anything. The report for april shows my duty time, but no flt time, has some approaches and has all my trip numbers with valid duty times. Any idea on how to fix this problem without having to manually input data?
new version still doesn't work

Downloaded the new 1.10 version today, and hotsync and still didn't show up for april. Todays flying showed up, but nothing for the missing april days.
Hi again,

Yeah I ran the PDA wizard still missing the the april info, but yesterdays flying was added?? any ideas as to what I am doing wrong, could it be how I am setting up the confiuration on the PDA wizard, could you give me some directions on how to use it. I have looked for help but have found your directions for everything alittle vague, maybe something you guys could look at. I don't believe there is anywhere that specifically tells you how to use the APDL stuff, the info on the LBP is not too bad some areas are a little vague also. I do appreciate the help on here though it nice to get prompt feedback. Thanks again.
Yeah I had it set for one day after the two days of flying in april that showed up, and set to end on the 10th of may.
Once everything is in as you wish, it is recommended to leave it to the default of New Flights. You shouldn't have to change the date filter unless you are trying to capture something previously or troubleshooting. Otherwise Logbook Pro knows the last APDL flight and will capture all new data after that point.
Lost Legs

Hi Neal,

I have been having the same problem with APDL and LBP. I have the configuration set as you mentioned above. I just imported 4 days of flying from my PPC running APDL, but 2 of the legs were missing.

I noticed that on the on the two legs that were not imported, in APDL the 'Instrument" time is BLANK....no dashes or data, just blank and the second entry that didn't import, the "Night" field is BLANK....no dashes or data.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time

On the APDL page of the PDA Wizard, make sure the Date Filter on the bottom is set to a date PRIOR to your first APDL flight. Then retry the sync, after which the Default setting of "New Flights" should be set.
The program is being as obstinate as my two year old! As you can see form the log below it is seeing the May .pdb but it is not finding any of the new flights. There are two flights from the beginning of May in LBP, but the 6 other flights aren’t being entered for some reason and I’ve followed the other previous recommendations from this thread. Would it help to send my LBP file to you?

** Logbook Pro Sync Started 12/05/2006 11:45:28 AM **
APDL Device Registered to: William Bond
Palm HotSync Username: William J. Bond
Palm Store: C:\Program Files\palmOne\JW
Sync Legs BY LEG
AutoFill Disabled
Default A/C Type: ERJ190
Sync Crew --> Append in Remarks Column
Sync Hotel --> Do Not Sync
Sync Trip # --> Append in Remarks Column
Sync Flight # --> Flight
Date Filter: Flights On or After...
Date Used: 4/28/2006
APDL Legacy Reports Bypassed
Data Purge: DELETE * FROM tblLog WHERE tblLog.LogDate >= #4/28/2006# AND tblLog.RouteTo='APDL'
Source File: AirlineLog-200604.PDB*****************************
Source File: AirlineLog-200605.PDB*****************************
** Logbook Pro Sync Ended 12/05/2006 11:45:29 AM **
Log Closed - Sync Duration: 1 seconds.
Log File Auto-Saved to: C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro\PDASyncLog.txt
Out of curiousity, have you tried By LogPage and see if that makes a difference?

Please submit a support ticket and include a zip file containing the following folder zipped:

C:\Program Files\palmOne\JW\Backup

As always, thanks for the quick reply. I will be out until Monday, I will give that a try and let you know how it went....Thanks, Frank