moving from one Ipad to another


New member
Dec 4, 2010
I bought a new Ipad and want to move Logbook pro from the old one over to my new one. I cant' figure out how to accomplish this without downloading/paying for the program again. How can I accomplish this?

When I synced my new Ipad with ITunes, some of my apps made it to the new IPAD and others didn't. Logbook PRO did not show up on my new IPAD. Itunes gave me an error message that I need to authroize this computer even though it is the same computer I syned with to begin with. When I authroize it, it then says that this computer is already authorized. I'm only trying to run Logbook Pro on the newest IPAD, not both of them and I'm not about to purchase the program again. Any ideas?
This really is a matter for Apple, I can only offer suggestions but it's out of my control and support. If you go into iTunes and expand the device so you can see which apps are syncing, do you have the option of checking a checkbox to include the app on your device? If you browse iTunes in the apps area it may give you the hint you need to figure out how to get it to install. If it is in your iTunes then it should go to your device.