Nap/stand Up Import Problem


Oct 21, 2005
Thank you for fixing the Nap importing problem. (It use to download a trip and make it appear as it happened in one day rather than two) Now there is a new problem. At ASA our naps usually run in three's (three seperate paring numbers) meaning we work three in a row covering 5 days. The first nap starts on day one and ends day two. The second nap starts day 2 and ends day three. This is my problem. When I import day two it deletes the last leg of the day 1 pairing. So it seems to me that the program needs to be able to show two parings in one day. Can you fix this??? or do we need to take the lessr of the evils and do it the old wrong way!

Thank you for the quick response. I have submitted the request via the support system shortly after the post here.


I tried importing and syncing one trip at a time, but this does not work either.
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