Need Help Syncing! Please!


New member
Nov 14, 2005
I just purchesed LBP Pro last night and I am painstakingly starting to add my life to it since 1996. The problem I have is I bought APDL in 10/04 and have been using it for a while but I need to sync about 16 months worth of flying over to LBP. I don't know how to do this since I dont even have a registration code any more for the APDL because it is hidden in the new version.
My order # last night was 47534, it should have my info.
Please help - that is a lot of flying to sync, and that the reason I bought these programs.
Hello Paul,

I found your purchase of Logbook Pro Professional Edition, re: 47534. In order to sync APDL to Logbook Pro you'll require a registered version of APDL and SingleSync (free utility). Configure SingleSync to sync to Logbook Pro by running SingleSync after installing it. Pay particular attention to wizard page 3 checking the checkbox at the top and ensuring your Logbook Pro data file is designated. Refer to the included/installed PDF documentation for APDL and SingleSync to learn more about the software, as desired.