New to PPC


Jun 3, 2007
I have a palm treo 750 and when using ADPL I get a keyboard that takes up half of my screen. I can get it to go away by hitting the shift button, but it comes back everytime I try to input data. When using a pop up menu it blocks it from view. Is there anyway to disable this feature. ( I had been using the palm OS before So I have a lot of data to input manually)
No, not that I can think of (from the Pocket PC OS standpoint). The program is coded to show you the keyboard when keyboard input is typically needed. It shouldn't cover up the field you're trying to input but you can always tap the keyboard icon to hide the keyboard as desired. There is a short learning curve between the Palm OS and Pocket PC systems, you'll get the hang of it after a while. With APDL Pocket PC I do recommend tapping Options..Exit when you're done using the program, at least do this prior to syncing to Logbook Pro so everything closes and cleans up nicely. The Pocket PC OS tries to keep as much running as it can in memory to reduce startup times as it's slower than the Palm OS from an OS perspective.
I have the same problems...

This is from another post of mine
"Yes it works but APDL looks terrible and is clunky... the screen won't size right and the WM keyboard pops up every 2 seconds... it makes it virtually unusable on the Treo 750... I have been making it work for 4 months now...

But I am waiting for a logbook program made for iPhone... then I will bail if APDL doesn't support it...

My logbook experience was much much better with APDL on PalmOS Treo"