New Vista computer..I don't want to mess this up!!!


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Jun 24, 2005
OK, how's it going folks? I would like to get help on doing a full install on my brand spank'in new Vista computer. LBP and APDL for pocket pc. I havent installed Activesync yet and does it even work with Vista?
I want to do it right the first time and save a few gray hairs. Step by step, please. I hope this is not too much to ask for!!!!

I have backed up LBP. I have also saved my APDL folder and backed up Activesync for the PDA.

Thanks in advance
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Hello Richard,

Please see this KB article for info on installing to Vista as well as the link at the bottom for the device drivers you'll need to install to Vista for your Pocket PC to work as ActiveSync does not work in Vista, it is "built in" once the drivers are installed.
I saw that article. I still need a transfer for dummies explaination
1. Do I still need Activesync? Even for other pda stuff?
All I need is the Windows Mobile Device Center?
2. Do I just install from the disk LBP and APDL then the importer?
When do I restore from the backups?
3. Is there an order to do all of this?
4. Where do I tell if I have 32 or 64-bit
5. Do you get where I'm comming from?
No wonder the other guy was so frustrated!!!! I'll try to keep it in check.
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ActiveSync does not work on Vista, you need to download the Windows Mobile Device Center drivers. Install those and then you can disable User Account Control (leave it disabled is my recommendation) then reboot and it's normal from there, install and use.
Thanks, How about questions # 2, 3 and 4? If you have time!!

"then you can disable User Account Control" 5. How do you do that?
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You can install in any order, there is no order required, you can download the latest versions from our web site. If you don't know that you have 64-bit (x64) then you have x86. x64 is not a standard configuration but something you would have to request or install yourself.
I looked at my system specs and I have a 32-bit operating system on my Vista computer. I assume I use the 32-bit download for the windows mobile device center drivers, right??
Now I'm really confused. I was browsing the device manager.
It says ACPI x86-based PC. Do you have any idea which one it is? 32-bit or 64-bit?
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Thanks, So far LBP installed and restored the .BAK file ok. APDL to go.
I hope I don't have to bug you too much more!!!!