Night Landings and X country time


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May 25, 2006
I recently downloaded Logbook Pro to go with APDL that I use on my Palm. But Im having problems with it putting all my landings as day regardless of what I select in APDL.

I also cant get it to log anything in the cross country column. Also any trips with a deadhead leg shows up as PIC instead of SIC.

I have the lastest versions downloaded, and have tried everything with autofill and flight log options and dont know what to do

Please help!

I got your email and I appreciate the quick response. I do have the latest versions downloaded. I looked thru the forums and coudnt find anything similar. Im still having a problem with the night landings and x-country time.

I know you responded, I still have no clue what Im doing wrong!

Check your AutoFill settings (Options...AutoFill) for your A/C Types in Logbook Pro. At the bottom specifies how landings should be logged. If you don't want AutoFill to run when syncing APDL, you can clear the checkbox at the top right of the APDL configuration page.