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Night Landings not syncing


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Aug 26, 2005
Did a search on this but can't find an answer. I recently discovered that LBP is not syncing night landings from APDL (Palm). Everything else syncs but no night landings. Any help would be appreciated.


Please submit a support ticket and include the following information:

1) Your PDASyncLog.txt file located in C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro
2) Zip compress the following folder and include the zip file

C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup

I'll try to reproduce your issue.

If you're syncing and you have enabled "AutoFill" to process in the top right section, try disabling that then resync by setting the date filter accordingly and see if this makes any difference.

Can you confirm that on the log page where you have a night landing logged that you also have NIGHT logged? I'm reviewing our API code to trace this issue and see that you must have both NIGHT logged AND a night landing recorded for the night landing to get sync'd to Logbook Pro. My assumption is that you logged a night landing but you may have NOT logged "NIGHT" time? Please verify at your convenience.
I realize this thread is over two years old, but I am now experiencing the same issue after switching to the ppc version of apdl from palm. Was this issue ever resolved?​

For Palm and Pocket PC APDL users.

If you night landings are not importing into Logbook Pro please check your CA or FO-PF-NIT position categories. All four of the following boxes must be checked:

Credit A Landing
Credit A Night Landing
Pilot Flying
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