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Sep 8, 2003
I am on 1.9.9. I haven't visited the Currency section of the explorer section in a while. I have gone through several upgrades but haven't been to active in LogbookPro. Still, these sections are not working. What can I do? You click on the buttons and nothing happens. HELP?!!
Not sure I'm comfortable running beta software. When will the new release candidate go public?
Could I re-install over my current installation? Do I have to back up my data first? Do I have to deinstall before installing again?
The Release Candidate is "public" but the "production" build will not be released until the new Pocket PC Companion software completes testing. Early-to-mid May is the expected release.

It is suggested to backup your data frequently (File..Archive..Backup). The new install should automatically remove the old install/version, but it doesn't hurt to do that manually either. Uninstalling does not affect data or registration information.
I think I'm going to wait until the production build is ready. Not the public build. Then I'll reinstall. Hopefully, that will solve it.

I actually trust Release Candidate 2 more than 1.9.9, it's that good! I would also like to confirm this resolves your issue prior to release, should something need to be addressed it can be resolved in the testing phase.
Okay. I'll give it a whirl. I'll make a backup of my data first then fire off the install of Release Candidate 2. I'll let you know.
THanks. Your support is excellent! Don't know how you do it...
It worked

I'm now at release 1.10 RC2 and all is now well. Something happened. Now, when the final release comes out can I just run the upgrade as usual?
Thanks for your great support! /Hal

Glad all is well. Logbook Pro will inform you of an update when it becomes available and you should only have to apply this patch. Thank you for installing our latest build to confirm the issue is resolved.