Oh no! not duplexing again

Jul 26, 2002
Dear Neil

Firstly may I say that I am very impressed with the customer support shown on this forum.

I have been trying out trial versions of yours and another log book program, the other being a British product. I prefer the look and huge variability of LBP, and it suits me better.

However (isn't there always a 'however&quot/forums/emoticons/wink.gif before shelling out a sizeable wedge, $177.97 in fact (I would like the old world binder and paper, etc.) I would say that it just doesn't seem to work. I like most people. I presume, would want to print a normal looking logbook, without the handicap of me actually writing the damned thing. I have searched the past posts about duplexing, but even with fineprint and 1.7.41, the old problem of 1, not having a blank first page and 2, not sequencing the entire shooting match correctly, make it seem like a lot of money.

If you have found a way, please spill the beans, and a fresh cut cheque will be yours!/forums/emoticons/wink.gif

Thank you for your kind words and this definitely makes it all worthwhile!

I do not have an answer to get the report to print out so it looks like a paper log other than, stop trying to make it look like a paper log! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

I say this half jokingly because we are trying to make something 'new' look like something 'old.' We are modernizing, changing as times change, as we move into the electronic/virtual era. Yes, you are going to see Logbook Pro in your web browser some day and not even have to print your log, just give your employer 'to be' the access and they can view what they need in the paperless environment we're headed. No, we're not there yet, but my point is we/you/all of us are trying to do something that isn't necessary. Printing your data so on one page is a front/back total left/right set of your data is not a bad thing, it's just not all visible like a paper log can be.

I will put this down as something to definitely put some energy into as this keeps coming up, but I sincerely ask, and to all reading, how important is this? Is this something we should let go of and accept as a new logbook format, or do you absolutely want it to appear like your current 60's style paper logbook?

As with everything in Logbook Pro I like to give YOU, the user, the option to choose how you want YOUR data to appear, etc. Therefore, let me take on this task to do my best and figure out a way to spit out a blank page first, without it domino'ing into other problems. I have a few ideas!

Thank you for your input, please all, let me know your thoughts on this and how much of a value this is to you.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks for the reply Neil

I do accept your point. The new age, as you say isn't quite hear yet, and I think that it may be further away for some (no, I didn't say the CAA ) than others. I guess I just don't want it to look like i've done a home print job from my PC (even though I have) and stuffed it into a ring binder. I know that if it looks like something they aren't used to, then they may chuck it back./forums/emoticons/frown.gif

The various options for printing the reports in LBP, do of course reflect that old 60's style ('old world binder&quot/forums/emoticons/wink.gif and perhaps that also leads me / us into thinking that it should look a particular way.

Incidentally Neil, I have just made a decent go of duplex printing. I'm sure you have heard it before. I used a screen capture (grabber2K) to take each half spread and pasted it into a designworks program, tinkered about a bit and printed on to A5. Yes, a lot of effort really. So if you can sort it, I and all the other old farts like me /forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif will buy you a /forums/emoticons/beer.gif
I think everyone in the industry is used to and wants a normal old style looking logbook that will be readily accepted in a job interview.
I agree that the logbook, when printed out, should read like other paper logbooks. 1st page on left, 2nd page on right. Why else have a binder that opens long ways? (Which I just paid $168.00 for (paper and binder)). Neil, if you come up with a solution, please let me know. I think the program, binder and paper are all great products and I would just like to have the option of duplex printing like metioned above.

I too, tried fineprint, and everything else I knew to get a decent two-sided printout, but to no avail. Then I tried using Adobe Acrobat and have printed a perfect double-sided Jeppesen style logbook (without a duplex printer). I posted the steps on this forum last week.

The drawback is that you have to have Adobe Acrobat software.
If you want help feel free to email me.

Steve (rocketman)