OH NO!!!


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Jul 1, 2005

OK...Something went wrong.

I own APDL v2.0. I DL'd v6.0. So, on my PDA, I had 2 APDL's. I thought that I would just delete the old version, but it would not let me. It said that the program was sharing information. So, then I used my PC to uninstall ADPL v6.0, so I could just start the whole process all over again. Well, unfortunately I have now lost ALL of my information on both the v2.0 and the v6.0. No more tail numbers, flight crews, flights....nothing. Even the preferences.

And I still have the old ADPL on my PDA, including it being on my start menu with the old logo. I also still have the new version, which I was trying to delete.

I am beyond panic.


Installing version 6 should work fine on your Pocket PC and not affect your data. Uninstalls should not remove data either as the data is stored in a different location. I'm not sure how you 'deleted' APDL, regardless, your data should appear once you install version 6. On the Pocket PC, you may want to go to Settings...Memory...Running Programs and ensure APDL is not running prior to installing version 6, although it would prompt you to stop it to update it if it was running. Please try to reinstall version 6 again and see what happens.

Confirm you did NOT delete your partnership in ActiveSync? If not you should be fine as APDL backs up its data on your PC.

As a follow up to Neal's response.

When you run APDL SingleSync it makes a backup copy of your PPC's logbook data to c:\program files\airlinelogbook.com\[an 8-digit pocket pc id] folder.

To get up and running again.

1) Make a backup of c:\program files\airlinelogbook.com

On your PDA all APDL data is stored in My Documents\APDL. Uninstalling our software will not remove or delete any data in this folder.

2) Use the add\remove program from your PDA's (Settings) (System) menu.

3) Remove "AirlineLogbook AumanSoftware". This is version 2.0.

4) Install (our re-install) APDL V6.0.

5) Run the AirlineLogbook application with the new icon (picture of a pilot).

** It sounds like from your first posting you may have removed the My Documents\APDL folder (I am inferring this because you said you no longer see any logbook data )

** Only do (6) if you deleted the "My Documents\APDL" folder or performed a hard reset.

6) Open the c:\program files\airlinelogbook.com\[8-digit pocket pc id]\backup folder. Copy the contents to your PDAs MyDocuments\APDL folder.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
OK, here's the scoop.

I now know what I did wrong, and anything that went hay-wire is nobody's fault except mine. :)

The APDL did exactly what it is designed to do.

Obviously computers are not my strong point.

I have found the files where all of my preferences, aircraft flown, and approaches are. They are in my Recycle bin.

Any possible way to get them out and back on to my PDA?