Old user, new toy


Feb 5, 2004
Dear Logbookpro,

I e-mailed you several months ago regarding the use of lpro and a handheld. You replied with all the steps necessary, but unfortunately, the e-mail got lost. Can you help me again? I use lpro version 1.6 build 232 and now have a new (old) palm 515. I just got a message and downloaded the new version (1.9). Do I install this right now, or are there other steps involved. I realize that with some software, earlier revisions have to be installed before the current one is loaded, is this the case here? I have spent many hours on this book and software, and the last thing I want to do is screw it up (something I tend to be good at regarding computers).

Hi Scott,

If using Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and a Palm handheld, just go to the PDA Companions \ Palm Companion menu and click the Install link. Also read the help documentation included with Logbook Pro by clicking Help...Contents. Be sure to enter your license code for the Palm Companion which can be purchased, if not already done so, by clicking here. The Palm Companion license code must be entered BOTH on the PDA and under the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu in Logbook Pro.