Options, Analyze buttons not working


Nov 12, 2005
strange issue. I click on "options" or "analyze" and I get the harddrive light working, seems like it is calculating something, but, nothing changes, except the mouse turns to an hour glass for a few seconds.

Then, I click on it again, and not even that happens.

Another issue, that may be related, but, has been around for a while. I find that some aircraft type cannot take any more tail numbers.

i.e. I fly the Embraer 145. I have it in there (by mistake) as an E145 and as an ERJ-145.

Whenever I enter another flight to the E145, it remembers the tail number, and allows me to select it from a list the next time I add a flight.

When I do the exact same to the ERJ-145... it doesn't remember it.

That's all i see...Seems like Vodoo to me.

As for the tail numbers, they are related to the specific A/C Type entries in your prior logbook data. The ERJ-145 "Type" is not going to recognize or recall tail numbers paired to the E145.

As to your other issue, please ensure you have version 1.9.9 installed. If the problem persists, try repairing your installation OR uninstall/reinstall (both do the same thing).