Options Button


New member
Aug 14, 2006
The options button on the left side of my menu doesn't work. You press it and it clicks, but the display doesn't come up. I am unable to add any new aircraft types.

Also, once this does work, is there any way I can change the N-number of an aircraft I currently have loaded? I entered the data incorrectly, and my wife has since made numerous entries. Any suggestions?

What steps do I need to take to prevent the loss of my current data when I do this?

Also Neal, what are the largest size binders you sell? I've looked at the different photographs in the catalogue, but can't decipher which one has the highest capacity. I have an interview in two weeks, and when my wife is done entering them next week, about 4000 of my 6000 hours will be on logbook pro, with only my first two logbooks on paper. Which would you recommend?
You can and should backup frequently by clicking File..Archive..Backup. Store the created .BAK files in a safe place and at times off site, i.e. give a relative a floppy or CD with the .BAK file is my suggestion.

As for the binder, the "Full-Sized Carry/Desk Model" which can be viewed here. We also have a turn-key printing service if you'd like us to print your logbook for you and prepare the professional printout for your interview. If interested, submit an inquiry to sales and we'll give you the details.