Other pay

Andy Mulcahy

New member
Jan 22, 2015
I'm having trouble with the payroll numbers..when I look at the individual flight I see my appropriate block and then a random other number. It is there with and without my rigs being enabled..any ideas?
Rigs and minimum credit are displayed here, but it could also be as simple as the additional credit received from "block or better" when underblocking.
I used the schedule importer..the trips show the correct block but a very high credit. for instance I have a 4 day with a block of 23+11 and a credit of 62+22..I have tried changing the guarantee to 0 and turning off all the rigs..I just lucked into a way of fixing it by selecting a leg in the trip and selecting payroll and then reselecting block..then the credit matches the block..
That just refreshed the calculations for the trip. The changes you made in payroll settings are what made the difference.

To prevent inaccurate historical data, APDL does not change prior entries when settings are changed. For example, This allows your past pay values to remain correct after a pay increase on a certain date or any of the numerous changes to rigs etc that could happen as a result of a new contract.
Still having trouble with my credit time...I have my 75:00 guarantee and both my 2:1 duty and 3.5:1 trip rigs in the airline settings..I deleted and freshly imported my trip and both my credit and block show 23:11 but my credit is actually 24:40