Palm OS 5/6

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
For those waiting/inquiring on Palm OS 5 support, we finally have some news! Here is the latest from AppForge:


The current AppForge Palm OS Booster does not support Palm OS 5.0. If you attempt to use Booster under Palm OS 5.0, you will receive an error message indicating that Booster is not properly licensed for Palm OS 5.

PalmSource licensed AppForge Booster for all Palm OS devices that use the Dragonball processor (Pre Palm OS 5.0 devices). AppForge Booster is currently available to users of these devices at no additional charge under the terms of this license agreement. Neither PalmSource nor any Palm OS device manufacturers have a license agreement for AppForge Booster for Palm OS 5.

This has been a difficult issue for AppForge, our developer base and many customers. AppForge and PalmSource have continued to work together and have bridged some technical issues thereby enabling us to develop support for Palm OS 5 and OS 6. This development is already in progress and estimates on a timeframe for release are forthcoming.

We are still in discussions with Palm Solutions Group to reach a licensing and distribution agreement for the Palm OS 5.0 Booster. Provided an agreement is reached, an announcement will immediately follow. We recommend that you subscribe to this article, using the 'Notify Me by E-mail if this Answer is Updated' button at the bottom of the page. That article will be updated as soon as we have additional information regarding support for Palm OS 5.0.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I give up; after wandering around in here for half an hour, I've yet to find this 'Notify Me by E-mail if this Answer is Updated' button. Any hints greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Ian (newest, apparently thick, member)
It's on the AppForge support forum not here. I'll let everyone know when I hear something. Palm 5 OS support 'is' in the works, we just have to wait for final coordination on the AppForge side.