Palm OS / Vista Support?


Mar 6, 2007

I have a licensed version of Logbook Pro, and am using the trial version of APDL. I bought a new laptop that was preloaded with Windows Vista Basic.

I used my old laptop to install APDL on my Palm Treo 700P, and have not synced it yet, since I have the trial version. Is there support as of yet, for HotSync with Vista? I know hotsync, is going through problems of it's own with Vista, but I want to know if it will sync, before I spend the money to buy APDL.

If not is there a possible work around by syncing to my wifes laptop that runs XP, and then maybe exporting the data and then importing it to my Vista Laptop? Can I run Logbook Pro on both PC's?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm not well versed on all the various flavors of Windows Vista, some of the very basic editions have some pretty severe limitations, but I think that is more along the line of Windows Mobile, HotSync (Palm OS) would not be affected. In order to sync APDL to Logbook Pro, however, you will need to have both Logbook Pro and APDL registered. Once activated Logbook Pro will then listen for APDL communications using the PDA Wizard. Make sure you are using the latest versions of our software.
Thank you for your reply,

I may not have stated my concern completely. I do understand that I will be able to sync APDL to Logbook pro, when they are registered, but what I am unsure of is the fact that "Quick Install", the program that palm uses to install programs on my Palm, is not supported by Vista.

So... I did not install APDL from this computer because I could not install APDL from my Vista Laptop. Now is that going to be a problem with syncing APDL to logbook pro? Is there any part of the program that is installed on the PC?

Also, is there anyway I can use the schedule importer with Vista? The schedule importer creates a file that is installed on the palm by "Quick Install" which again is no longer supported by Vista.

So now my only solution at the moment is to import my schedule via my wifes computer, which is ok, I understand you are not responsible for Palm's incompatibilities with Vista.

But I do need to know if you are sure, 100% refund sure, that when I buy APDL I will be able to sync it to logbook Pro running on windows Vista.

I am willing to run a few tests for you guys if you need me to, you can send me a temporary serial or something to that effect. I am pretty computer savi, and am willing to put in the time.

There have been problems with hotsync, and Vista, and I am just not just not sure that the information will be passed from APDL to Logbook pro, with these new limitations, but like I said I am willing to try for you. But not a the cost of paying for the software and not being able to use it.

Thanks Again I am looking forward to your response.

P.S. I do already have a registered version of Logbook Pro, so it is not that I am a Single Sync person who is upset having to buy logbook pro.

I have been using Vista since it released to developers last Nov 30th. I have not had any problems with any of our software, or Palm OS/HotSync, Quick Install, etc. Everything has been working fine here. I also use the schedule importer, having done so just yesterday, with no problems. I do have "User Account Control" disabled in the Control Panel...User Accounts section, if that may help you. Again, I do not know the limitations Vista may have put on their "Basic" edition and if that's causing an issue, your best bet is to go through Palm OS channels/forums to inquire.
I am very curious how you are using quick install on Vista...

It states very clearly on the palm website that Vista will not run Quick install. They are currently working on creating a new program to replace it. I have tried the compatibility settings in Vista to try to run it in "XP" settings, but it will not run, just as stated on the Palm website.

If you have found a workaround, I would love to know about it, because I do use your software, and I do want to buy it.

I am not saying it isn't working on your computer, I just want to know how you got it to work. I just want the same, and I have been on the palm forums, and they all say there is no way for quick install to work with Vista, no mater what version.

Maybe I was wrong in thinking your software uses quick install for the schedule importer? I will install the importer and try a hotsync. Maybe it will work.

Hope we can work this out. I do want your product!

I tried to install and use Schedule importer and after a successful install, I got the error message below.

The reason being, the file structure of Vista is different, and Palm Quick Install can no longer work because it cannot find the user files. I have synced this Treo to this computer many times before, and as stated on the Palm website, it will only sync: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos.

It cannot install any new programs. This is why Schedule Importer does not work, this is also why I am concerned about APDL working.

Here is a quote from Palm's website.

Known incompatibilities

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 users: install the Outlook 2007 Update to be able to sync your device with Outlook 2007.
  • Palm Install Tool and Palm Quick Install ,the desktop applications that let you transfer applications and databases (.prc and .pdb) to your Palm device, are currently not compatible with Windows Vista. Please check back for updates. More info.
So how you got them to work is a mystery to me. I now know for a fact that Schedule importer does not work with Vista and Palm Devices.

Here is the error message I got:
My mistake, what I've been using is something developer related, I did check both Palm's Install and Quick Install utility and they in fact do not yet work with Vista. One of many things that don't yet work with Vista, as I recommended in a recent newsletter, I suggest to those that can wait until about Summer (June) time frame to wait. It's just not ready yet for "everything" we put it through.
Thank you for your response,

I am glad we sorted that out. So seeing that you have something working on your machine, does that mean we can expect that something will come out that will work with vista?

I hope so.

Thanks again,

We have no shortfall on our side, everything we have is working fine with Vista. The problem is on Palm's side and getting PDB's to their devices. I'm sure they will come out with an update soon, Vista pretty much shuts down Palm if this is the case. Whether intentional or not!
I understand the "shortfall", if you want to call it that is with Palm and Vista, but you said you have a working setup on Vista so what I was getting at is that you obviously have a working workaround or something.

I know when palm fixes the problem it will go away. I did not say there was something wrong with your software, just excited you got it working somehow.
I'm having the same problem by force.. I have the a new computer with Vista 64. I've purchased a bluetooth adapter for my puter. It syncs ok BUT I do not know how to bring my schedule over to my palm pilot!!!! Frustrating! I've downladed ACCESS 6.2 but still haven't any luck!
I'm having the same problem by force.. I have the a new computer with Vista 64. I've purchased a bluetooth adapter for my puter. It syncs ok BUT I do not know how to bring my schedule over to my palm pilot!!!! Frustrating! I've downladed ACCESS 6.2 but still haven't any luck!

The files generated from our Airline Schedule Importer are PDB files which you transfer to your Palm using Palm's Quick Install utility. The PDB file will then be transferred on the next HotSync and when you run APDL it will import the schedule information automatically.
Well I guess I need it spelled out for me. On Vista 64 .. I try to drag my trips that I've downloaded from Flica to "import" to palm. It doesn't allow me to do this.. Can I get a step by step. Again, I have a Vista 64 system. To hotsync I use blue tooth..



Please review the directions and/or video tutorial posted online that take you step by step through the process. Also note, that the Palm company doesn't officially support 64 bit, Server Edition, or Multi-processor systems in Access 6.x.
let me ask this.. since I have a new computer.. I've downloaded the Logbook Pro. I was able to retrieve all of my data... so that part is good. I see that when I do a Hot sync that in the files to be sync'ed are the usual.. MEMO, INSTALL etc.. what I don't see is the APDL install? Do I need to redown load this ????????????
No, if you have APDL version 6.0.4 on your PDA then you are good there. There is nothing listed for APDL in the HOTSYNC. In order for APDL to work with Logbook Pro you need to be able to send .PDB files to your PDA.

Please see Palm's website for insturctions on this or their forums for your version of Vista and PDA. Some users have had sucess using Bluetooh. Again Palm not us is choosing not to support some versions of Vista and certain PDA's

If you can send PDB's to the PDA then APDL will work.
I have FINALLY figured out how to transfer my trips from the schedule importer to my palm pilot ADPL software! Import your schedule, download to palm. Copy all the trips to your desktop, then one by one "send to" bluetooth attachment. It sends automatically one by one! Its a bit slower than my old XP edition but this works too! Hope this helps someone.
I, too, was having a nightmare getting my Palm to sync with Windows Vista when trying to import trips through the Palm QuickInstall. I tried everything, uninstalling/reinstalling, etc. The solution was very simple.
After using QuickInstall to import the trip files that APDL schedule importer saved to the computer, go to the HotSync manAGER icon and exit the program. Then go to Start/PalmOne/Hotsync manager (or wherever your Hotsync manager is located) and rightclick then choose "run as administrator". Then you cah connect your Palm and hotsync as normal. The trips should import correctly.
After hours on the phone with support, both for Palm and APDL, and that's all it took for it to work for me. Good Luck.